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CNET:”Intel’s Core Duo health causes PC industry pain” by Tom Krazit :1月27日

65 ナノメータ製造プロセスが順調なことに気を良くしたインテルは、Core Duo プロセッサの出荷を当初の3月から1月に早めることにしたらしい。(内部筋の情報では、2005 年第4四半期には準備完了だったという。)

But Intel decided about two months into a typical nine-month development process, around late summer 2005, to accelerate the launch date for the Core Duo processor to January instead of the original March target, according to sources familiar with the company’s planning. The company was delighted with the better-than-expected results from its new 65-nanometer manufacturing technology and was ready with Core Duo chips in the fourth quarter of 2005, executives said in December.


しかし、この前倒しがコンピュータメーカーに与えた影響は大きかった。各社とも自社のラップトップ開発を Core Duo の1月発表に間に合わせるべく必死になった。小回りの効く Acer などは別として、デルや HP には相当の準備期間が必要だったし、アップルですら発表日即発売日とする訳にはいかなかった。

That decision, however, left PC vendors scrambling to get their notebooks ready as close to the new early January launch date as possible. Smaller vendors like Acer were able to be more aggressive, while larger vendors like Dell and HP needed more time to qualify their notebooks. Apple, which usually prides itself on having systems ready to ship the day they are announced, also had to wait its turn like the rest of the PC industry.


Intel traditionally favors its close partners, such as Dell, with early allocations of new processors. But a change in the launch date for Core Duo notebooks in the middle of the development process, according to PC industry sources familiar with Intel’s plans, caused a free-for-all in the race to launch Core Duo notebooks.

こういうことから、各社の Core Duo 搭載ラップトップは2月出荷にならざるを得なかったということのようだ。

Core Duo の前評判が大きかっただけに消費者は不満だが、メーカーにしてみればそもそも十分なチップが確保できないため、どこか一社だけが抜け駆けで他社に水を空けるという状態にはなっていない。

“The lack of the hyped-up Core Duo will be frustrating to consumers but will not have a significant negative impact on any one vendor since no one has come to market with a full-blown Core Duo product launch,” D’Onofrio [analyst with Current Analysis] said.


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