2005年 10月 25日


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Web 2.0 時代の新ブラウザという触れ込みで、次世代ブラウザ Flock が登場した。

早速ダウンロードしてみた。デベロッパ向けのバージョン Developer Preview (Version 0.4.9) だ。



具体的な使用感については、David Chartier の記事が比較的詳しい。


いままでと何がちがうかといえば、RSS フィード、ブログ、タグ、共有ブックマーク(、写真投稿などこれまで別の機能だったものを、ブラウザに取り込んで一体化したというところらしい。

But the sleeper may be the next-generation Flock browser, which integrates many of the so-called social technologies driving Web development today, such as RSS feeds, blogs, tagging, community bookmarks and photo sharing. Although bloggers have been less than enthused about Flock so far, that could change quickly as social technologies continue to gain popularity.  [Mike Yamamoto]


“… We’re an open-source project after all; we’re looking for help from Web developers at this point in getting bugs fixed and some new ideas in the software.”

Decrem said that Flock is aiming for Dec. 15 as a release date for Flock’s consumer-grade beta.  [Chris Preimesberger]

いろいろな機能を統合するところは、かつてマイクロソフト Office がたどった統合化の道を思わせる。

(Robert) Scoble thinks Flock is just the beginning of integrated web applications. In a weighty compliment, he draws a comparison to Microsoft Office, which in the 1990s succeeded in migrating users of separate spreadsheet, word-processing, database and presentation programs to a single, bundled product.

“Today we’re using too many different services to share our stuff on the internet,” says Scoble. “Blogging, photo sharing, wikis, maps, podcasting (and) video blogging are all separate services. They probably will be joined in one system with common user interfaces.”  [Jeff MacIntyre]

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